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Why Would I Use a Laundry Service?

We've never been busier - our lives are full of activities these days. It makes sense to get some help for basic chores like the laundry.

Choosing a professional laundry in Adelaide gives you hours back every week and how nice would it be to come home to your laundry all cleaned and neatly folded?

Mum, leave the washing and get me to my netball game on time….please!

Hopefully you get the "please". Love watching your daughter’s netball game or your son’s cricket match? Enjoy your Saturday mornings with the kids’ sports not thinking about all the washing you have to do when you get home.


I have just had a baby and still have baby brain. In fact this might continue for a while. Can someone else do my washing please? 

What a perfect time to get some help with your laundry. You have enough on your hands, leave your laundry to us.

Surprise, I’m having twins! Double the reason to get a laundry service!


My washing machine cannot handle all my bedding, especially my doonas and underlays.

Perfect! Schedule a pick up with Laundry Basics and we will lovingly care for your bedding and return it to you fresh and clean.


I have a 60 km bike ride on Saturday morning and I really don’t want to come back to the laundry chores.

Lucky for you. If you are one of Adelaide’s cycling enthusiasts, wouldn't you rather have a coffee after your ride with your mates? Leave your washing to us, get on your bike and have fun!


I just really don’t like doing the laundry.

Fair enough, we have a solution to that! We provide an affordable full laundry service to give you back several hours every week. Leave your washing to the experts. We will look after it like it’s our own.


I just had a party and my towels and tablecloths are a wreck!

Focus on getting your house in order and leave the towels and linen to us. We’ll return it cleaned and neatly folded ready for your next party!

We are here to save you time and give you back hours every week. Schedule your free laundry service pick up today.

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