Schedule a Pick Up

How it Works

Step 1: Schedule a Pick Up.

It takes two minutes to set up an account and request a laundry pick up. We provide you with your own laundry bags which will be delivered at the first pick up and you get to keep them for your next order.

If you're home, we just knock on the door. If you're not home, we'll pick up the laundry from your front door. If there is anything extra we need to know, you can leave notes online when you are scheduling your pick up.

Step 2: Enjoy the free time!

You have just given yourself extra time by deciding to use Laundry Basics, we are happy to help you!

Step 3: Delivery of your laundry.

Currently we only pick up your laundry on Thursday and deliver your laundry back to you on Friday. 

If you need to contact us directly for any reason, please email us at


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